Critics continue to attack vaping industry with fake news

Critics continue to attack vaping industry with fake newsThe term “fake news” is very much the trend of the moment in light of the US election where rumours and counter rumours were circulating on a regular basis. It seems that “fake news” is also merging in the vaping industry with an array of research notes apparently highlighting health issues. However, if you look a little more carefully at the research and the headlines they insinuate potential issues but there is no real credible evidence.

Comparing vaping to tobacco cigarettes

If you search on Google you will see an array of “research” suggesting that vaping “could” be as bad for you as tobacco cigarettes. The key to this particular term is “could” because while nobody is suggesting that there is no health issues surrounding vaping the fact is that compared to tobacco cigarettes they are much less harmful. Indeed a number of prominent medical professionals from around the world have repeated claims that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Continue reading “Critics continue to attack vaping industry with fake news”

Is Apple looking at the electronic cigarette market?

Is Apple looking at the electronic cigarette market?
Apple vaping patent

While obviously best known for the iPhone there is no doubt that Apple has been and continues to look for new businesses going forward. The ultra-successful iPhone, and array of accessories, continue to grab the headlines but they cannot continue growing revenue forever and a day. As a consequence the group has been looking elsewhere and was recently awarded a US patent for a vaporising device. Is Apple looking at the electronic cigarette market?

High vaporisation rate

There were some very interesting terms in the US patent award which basically revolves around “a vaporiser with a high vaporisation rate”. There is no mention of any substances to be used with the product and while there has been some speculation this could be targeted towards recreational marijuana many believe Apple has one eye on the electronic cigarette industry. When you bear in mind the company has hundreds of billions of dollars in a war chest, the required funding to enter the vaping market would not even scratch the surface. Continue reading “Is Apple looking at the electronic cigarette market?”

What does 2017 hold for the vaping industry?

Will it be another stop start year for vaping?
What does 2017 hold for the vaping industry?

As we begin the New Year looking forward, the next 12 months will be very interesting for the vaping industry if 2016 is anything to go by. This has been a time of phenomenal growth for the sector, which is likely to continue for some time to come, but ever more regulations. The main subject that the industry needs to address is education of users (and potential users) because there are more and more misleading and often untruthful articles and surveys emerging from anti-vaping groups.

Political aggression

While some politicians have adopted a neutral to positive stance regarding the vaping industry the situation in America is very different. Time and time again we hear of misleading surveys and high-profile political and medical figures questioning already proven data. There is also the issue of vaping taxes which has emerged in some states and is likely to be a hot topic for many others going forward. Continue reading “What does 2017 hold for the vaping industry?”

Has the vaping industry gone past the point of no return?

Official: Electronic cigarettes part of everyday lifeA recent report from ASH suggested there are 2.8 million vapers in the UK which is a fourfold increase over the last four years. This is a phenomenal rate of growth from a market which was initially discounted by the regulators, politicians and tobacco companies at the turn-of-the-century. There is now a growing belief that the industry itself has gone past the point of no return. The mass market now beckons!

Vaping industry and the regulatory situation

We will look back on the last few years as a significant period for the vaping industry. The politicians and regulators have tried everything to kill the industry but it continues to go from strength this. A fourfold increase in the number of vapers in the UK over the last four years means that the industry has in effect smashed through into the mass market. So, earlier regulatory strategies to ban and kill the vaping industry stone dead appear to have failed. Continue reading “Has the vaping industry gone past the point of no return?”

Who is dictating vaping regulations in the US?

Who is qualified to decide the future of electronic cigarettes?Over the last few years there has been much criticism of the vaping industry, the majority of which has been theoretical or indeed misleading. Over the last week or so we have seen the US Surgeon General’s office issue its first report on the vaping regulations. Unfortunately, for those in favour of this alternative to tobacco products the report was particularly damning of the industry and the use of vaping products by youngsters. However, while this report grabbed the headlines there are many more reports behind the scenes which have been extremely positive.

Political interference or wake-up call

There is growing concern that politicians are yet again interfering in the vaping industry without giving the whole picture. Even the industry itself has been highly supportive of long-term research into potential health implications although this is rarely covered by the mass media. For every negative report issued by “official bodies” there are multiple positive reports which go uncovered. Initially, when the vaping industry began to gain in popularity, there were concerns that the tobacco giants were influencing politicians and regulators behind the scenes. In reality none of these accusations were ever proven but it does make you think? Continue reading “Who is dictating vaping regulations in the US?”

Who really benefits from draconian vaping regulations?

UK GovernmentThe situation in the UK at the moment is slightly complicated by the forthcoming exit from the European Union but the regulatory framework surrounding the vaping industry is highly visible in the US. If you use this as a template for potential changes across the world in years to come you have to ask the question, who really benefits from draconian vaping regulations?

Overregulation could kill the industry


There is a reason why the vaping industry has grown so quickly since the turn of the century. It offers a viable alternative to tobacco cigarette addiction which has both cost and health implications for millions of people around the world. Discussing these two products in the same breath is in some ways misleading because while both contain nicotine, vaping products do not contain tobacco. As we all know, many medical experts believe that tobacco is the source of various health issues amongst tobacco cigarette smokers. Continue reading “Who really benefits from draconian vaping regulations?”

Greek vapers show the way

Greek vapers show the wayThe Greek vaping community has been pushed to the forefront of the vaping sector after a press conference earlier this week attacking government plans to outlaw vaping. As with so many other European Union member states, the Greek authorities are looking to treat vaping products as they do regular tobacco cigarette products despite the fact there is a whole host of difference. While not the first, and certainly not the last, legal action to be taken against those attacking the vaping industry it will be interesting to see how the Greek authorities react.

Government regulations

There is no doubt that governments round the world need to address the issue of a growing vaping industry and vaping community. This has gone from a niche sector to one which is turning over billions of dollars in the US alone. The European Union is slightly behind the growth curve with regards to the industry but there has been significant growth in areas such as the UK. So, what are the Greek authorities proposing and why has this attracted the attention of the vaping community? Continue reading “Greek vapers show the way”

Should vapers have scheduled breaks at work?

Why taxing electronic cigarettes will never be straightforwardOver the years we have seen electronic cigarettes and an array of vaping devices bundled together with tobacco cigarettes. The vast majority of this has been to the detriment of the vaping industry but Public Health England (PHE) has issued a very interesting statement about electronic cigarettes in the workplace.

While PHE is adamant that vapers should not be treated exactly the same as tobacco smokers, as this would undermine their quest to reduce tobacco cigarette intake, employers will have a number of issues to consider in the future. Continue reading “Should vapers have scheduled breaks at work?”

Regulations ticked – what next for the vaping industry?

Regulations ticked - what next for the vaping industry?The last few years have been a real battle for the vaping community looking to protect the emerging technology of electronic cigarettes. We don’t need to go over the history suffices to say that at the turn-of-the-century the vaping market was seen as a niche player and effectively ignored by tobacco giants, pharmaceutical groups, politicians and regulators.

The last few months have seen the regulatory box ticked, so what next for the vaping industry? Continue reading “Regulations ticked – what next for the vaping industry?”

Latest vaping research questioned by experts

Latest vaping research questioned by expertsA study into electronic cigarette use amongst adolescents has attracted a lot of headlines over the last few days. The report by The Journal of Paediatrics is very much out of sync with similar research in suggesting that adolescents using electronic cigarettes are six times more likely to use tobacco products than those who have never tried electronic cigarettes. On the surface this is a significant blow for the vaping sector but if you dig a little deeper the report begins to fall apart.

Study group

The study group consisted of 300 students who described themselves as “non-smokers” and while they were questioned about their electronic cigarette use even the authors of the report admit this “use” could have been just one puff of an electronic cigarette. Quite how this would make the adolescence in question “electronic cigarette users” is a mystery and there is growing concern that this is the start of yet another campaign to muddy the water and strengthen the hand of anti-vaping groups. Continue reading “Latest vaping research questioned by experts”